Abby -2015

Properties has been so helpful in my transition to Kirksville. Lynn and the rest of the staff are very attentive and quick to take action. I highly recommend their quality apartments and customer service.


Wagner’s have a special gift in creating the most unique and best quality properties in Kirksville.Their attention to detail is the best.You actually work with the owner’s !


If you’re looking for quality housing in or around the the Kirksville area, then look no further than Wagner Enterprises. Jim, Lynn, and the other employees of WE were always professional and helpful during the three years I rented from them. Their properties will be sure to impress your friends and family.

Andrew -2015

I worked with Lynn and her staff on line to rent my property.I didn’t see my apartment until I got to Kirksville.It was exactly what they told me and the property was better than I expected.

B. 2013

Wagner’s have the best maintenance staff ! I lived with other landlords before hearing about WEspaces. I wish I had rented from them sooner!

Francis 2012-2015

We were very surprised to find this quality of lofts in Kirksville. We are from a large city and did not expect anything of this quality in a smaller community. The upscale design is fun and refreshing. Wagner’s pay attention to detail in all that they do. From the time you walk into their office, customer service….small town business with a big city feel. I wish I could take them with us.

Hope 2010-2015

I have lived with WEspaces for five years and would not change landlords! I depend on them for many things as I have no family….they have become my family.


I have lived with the Wagner’s for over 20 years. I will not have another landlord.